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The brand, Le-Ata, is inspired by LOVE for FAMILY, HERITAGE and PASSION for design, creativity and culture. Le-Ata was established in 2007 when Leata took a break from university to have her first child. She started off selling in a garage in NZ and then extended to Markets and onto online sites like Trademe.
Her husband’s work demands flexibility when required for their young family to travel around the pacific. Although Leata sees this as very beneficial for her work, she admits it to be frustrating. As soon as she sets up shop and everything is running smoothly, Leata is required to move.From New Zealand they moved back briefly to Samoa, where she carried on making her own Elei and clothing for family and friends.
In 2011, the family moved to American Samoa where she successfully launched an online store where she sold her products worldwide. Leata’s biggest stepping-stone was opening her physical store in Nukualofa when they moved to Tonga in 2012.
Fast forward to 2019, Le-Ata now has a sister branch in Samoa, located in Fagalii-uta and a business partner and exclusive distributor in American Samoa with Pacific Elegance.
Le-Ata products can also be found at distributors in NZ and Australia.
Check out our Distributors page for more details.

Le-Ata Tonga

Taufa'ahau Road, Nukualofa Tonga

Mon - Fri, 8.30am - 5pm
Saturday, 9am - 2pm

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